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Privacy Policy

Short version

We are using advertising identifiers to personalise ads and to gather usage statistics and app health data. We share such identifiers and other personally non-identifiable information from your device with our advertising and analytics service providers. Currently the following 3rd party services are used for these purposes:

  • Google AdMob - for advertisements in the free version
  • Google Firebase Analytics - for aggregated usage analytics
  • Google Firebase Remote Config - for A/B testing
  • Google Crashlytics - for app diagnostics and error reporting
  • Github Pages - for hosting the companion website

For your reference, Google's privacy policy is available here. You can opt-out from targeted advertisements on the AdMob network here or on your device Settings|Goolge|Ads screen.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information without your explicit consent.

Full version

The full version of the detailed Privacy Policy is available here.