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Is this app for me?

Ans. This app is for those users who want the maximum performance their device can offer. Also for those users who are struggling with the mess of running apps. If you’ve just purchased android device for just calling and messaging then obviously this app is not for you. In these days quad core devices are available at very affordable prices. Even if you’re doing some multi-tasking performance issues are less visible in such devices but when you’ve installed hundreds of apps and using phone frequently for gaming or multi-tasking you certainly need this app.

Is this app free?

Ans. This app isn’t free, however trial version is available at play store so you can try before you spend your hard earned money. I must mention that this app is very affordable comparing to the other apps or games for which you might have paid in past.

I would hire a task killer rather than purchasing this app, reading huge guide and hard thinking what intent is doing what.

Ans. As I’ve already said I don’t recommend task killers at all. It results in unexpected results from app and even developers refuse to support if you’re using task killers. Let me ask you, why you’ve purchased a phone with lot of RAM, to keep it empty? Even if you’re doing perfectly fine with task killers you’re wasting a lot of CPU cycles which could be used somewhere else.

I am an android developer, disabling receivers causes a lot of development issues to me. I find this guide humiliating.

Ans. This guide is written by user not developer so please post no offence to developer. This guide helps in how to use an app not how to disable a particular app.

Are there any other tips apart from this app which can help me in having better performance?

Ans. Yes, don’t use any widgets at all. If you ask me I’m using only one widget which is Clock included in stock ROM. Having a widget is like having an app running in background. Total number of apps installed on my device is more than 300. Still I am very confident that I’m having best performance my device has to offer. This app can be used to disable the widget intent which results in permanent disabling of widgets for specific app. The possible intent/action names can be APPWIDGET_PROVIDER or APPWIDGET_UPDATE.

I’m new and I don’t understand functions of all intents.

Ans. You’re talking about Android OS intents and Google Apps intents. Just Google that intent name and you’ll find your answer.

If I update an app will it hurt the configuration I made for that specific app?

Ans. Probably yes. It depends, maybe the new release has some new receivers or maybe some receivers have been removed.

I find this whole scenario a very tedious task.

Ans. Yes it is. I’m not denying that fact. I took me several hours when I recently purchased a new device. However this app is very useful because of search and filters features.

I purchased high speed SD card but nothing improved. Why?

Ans. Please read SD card specifications and your device specifications. Your phone might not be having high speed SD slot and your high speed SD card is running in backward compatibility mode.

How does Basic mode work?

Autorun Manager in basic mode lists all installed apps which are intended to start at boot, if you click on any of the apps you can disable it, that will kill it when it starts at boot time. Please note that on Froyo and newer android versions apps may restart themself, these apps will be marked as !!self restarter!! in the application list.

I have disabled an app but it is still started after boot/is restarted, why?

Some services are written to automatically restart themself if they are killed, these are detected by Autorun Manager and marked in application list on the bottom right as !!self restarter!! (this label appears only for disabled apps after reboot) you really have better leave these enabled.

How does Advanced mode work?

Advanced mode list all the applications which are registered for system intents and shows you what receivers listen to what intents. It also gives you the control over these, so you can enable and disable these. With the help of Advanced mode you gain real and full control.

Application says root access needed. What is it and how can i get it?

Root access means you have superuser (su) permissions on your phone (only su can modify some parts of the system). To achieve it you have to make some modifications on your phones software which may hurt your guarantee, on the other side it will make it available to install custom ROMs, do full system backups, tether your internet, install applications to sd, run AutoKiller (and many other su related apps), and much more (check this, this and this). The internet is full with descriptions how to root your phone, you shall just google for it, or start here. You can also check this wiki for more info.