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What to check if something doesn't work

Please check this list before reporting any problems, most cases can be solved easily

  • Is USB debugging enabled in Settings->Applications->Development ? it must be to make advanced mode work
  • Do you have the latest version of the app? -> check market
  • Is your phone rooted? (some features of the app requires root permissions)
  • Have you given root permissions to Autorun Manager? (you can check this if you start 'Superuser' application)
  • Superuser app sometimes cannot grant su rights on boot, check SuperSU
  • Is Autorun Manager on phone memory? It won't work properly from sd, please move it back to inner memory.
  • Please try an uninstall - reboot - reinstall cycle.
  • Have you read the faq?

PRO application cannot validate?

  • Try uninstalling both free and pro apps, reboot your device and reinstall from the web-based Play Store (hacky workaround)
  • Check if market can reach the internet
  • Check your firewall settings
  • Are free and pro versions both on phone memory? Don't move to SD.
  • Remove/disable any tampering apps (Lucky patcher, some Xposed modules, ...)
  • Are "Background Sync" & "Auto Sync" (Settings/Accounts & Sync/Background Data) enabled?

If none of the above apply please collect a logcat about the error and send it to me. about logcat